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CoFounder is a coworking community located on the ground floor of the Founders Plaza in the Pinnacle Hills District of Rogers, Arkansas, providing innovative, affordable office solutions for remote workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, corporate professionals, and everyone in-between. With 8,000+ square feet of coworking space, CoFounder offers a variety of membership plans and passes, conference rooms, private offices and first class amenities all in a beautifully designed setting made with productivity and creativity in mind.

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Private Office

Private Office

A dedicated workspace just for you.


The office amenities you need in a collaborative space.
Conference Room

conference room

Book one of our conference rooms for your next meeting.


Flexibility for teams, meeting and remote employees.
Day Pass

Day Pass

Keep it simple with our drop in hot desks.
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Want to see it for yourself?

  • The CoFounder has been a great space for me to start my CPA firm. A client turned me on to this space and I am so grateful that he did. Class A amenities all around!

    The CoFounder has three conference rooms to meet clients in; 24-hour access for those late nights or weekend working hours; and a gym.

    Being in the financial industry it was extremely important for me to have a private office so that I would be able to lock up client records. The printer prints with a secure code when you are at the printer, and they even have a shredding service.

    The co-workspace is a great concept, and this space has allowed me to network with others whom I might not normally cross paths with.

    This was also my first time leasing commercial real estate and Sarah has been very helpful and thorough throughout the whole process.

    10/10 recommend!

    Peggy Flood

  • The Co-Founder is a welcoming community of individuals from all types of industries - allowing me to broaden my personal and professional network.

    Chad Foster

  • Last year, Caleb Garcia Law Firm was established at the CoFounder Building in Northwest Arkansas to serve in areas like Immigration Law, Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Civil Litigation. With the goal of providing a safe and clean space for our clients, we decide to open our offices here.

    Today, I would like to share my CoFounder experience with you. For me, the CoFounder is a place where innovators meet, and great ideas can emerge. Working here has been an amazing experience because of the friendly and professional atmosphere. The modern and clean feel is something that our clients always appreciate, especially during this pandemic.

    For us, at the firm, the two most important features offered by the Cofounder are accessibility and safety which are provided by the 24-hour building access, gated parking, key fob entry, as well as video and on-site security.

    So, whenever you need an attorney, please come visit us and check out the CoFounder! You are probably gonna love it too!

    Edith Chavez De Oseguera